Battery powered Avantages of the Galaxy A12 Plus – A Review


Samsung Galaxy A series has been one of the most popular and most used smartphones available in the UK market today. The Galaxy S series from Samsung is the smaller sibling of the Galaxy S series which was introduced with the original Galaxy S in the markets in June this year. The smaller model offers a lot of features and advantages over its bigger brother, but does it offer the same high-end performance as well? Galaxy A12

The Galaxy A12 comes with an array of unique features and is the first smartphone from Samsung to feature cutting edge technology including an Infinity-V processor and a powerful Adreno seeker camera. The phone is also one of the few devices on the planet to offer a dual camera set up – a single lens in the camera app and a laser lens on the phone itself. The A series from Samsung is powered by the company’s own Helio P series of smartphones – the first of which was released back in April this year. The device also features a powerful multimedia processor which offers high-quality sound and video recording and playback capabilities.

Like all devices in the Galaxy A series, the A12 comes pre-loaded with Jellybean ( Jelly beans), which provides users with an access to almost all applications that are pre-installed on the Android platform. Users can, however, download any apps that they want to use. The majority of devices allow users to increase the memory size of their memory cards, which helps to boost their overall system performance.

Samsung has yet another reason to sell the Galaxy A12 – its fast charging abilities. As many people know, the Galaxy A series is designed to be an extremely mobile handset. So, you will need to have a fast charging power adapter to keep your device charged and ready to go. As such, the quick charger allows you to charge your handset quickly whenever necessary. This is a definite plus point for the device.

In addition, the fast charging feature helps users avoid the situation where they lose their connection with the network when they use the USB cable to connect the device to the computer. The USB cable will eventually stop functioning and you will then need to buy a new USB cable – a process which can prove frustrating and inconvenient. You can, however, continue to charge your device using the micro SD card. The quick charging adapter and the Galaxy S’s built-in battery help to avoid this hassle and ensure that users can continue to enjoy their phones.

Despite these positives, the Galaxy A series is not without its negatives. For one, the device’s larger battery means that it will consume more power. This, however, can be turned around by enabling the device to sleep while on standby mode. Another downside to the device is the fact that it does not support the Quick Charge technology. If you require these features, you will need to buy a USB cable.

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